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Why We Strike’da yer alan yazım: I Strike Because I am The Future

I Strike Because I am The Future

Atlas is a 12-year-old climate striker who started Fridays for Future Turkey

I strike because it’s really important for governments all over the world to hear the voices of the youth. I would like to see our fossil fuel emissions go down, and explore different sources of renewable energy. We need to transfer job placements so we can get people that were working in the fossil fuel industry to more renewable jobs. 

I am the founder of Fridays For Future Turkey and have been organising strikes since March, 2019. Although I was only 11 years old when I decided to be a climate striker, there were proud moments that I was taken seriously by politicians, editors and academics. That was a big motivation for me because my opinions were listened to by important people. What keeps me going is being able to tell people that science is real and we can still reverse the damage. 

I am really worried that my future is not going to be as happy as our parents’ lives were. We are not so lucky. The climate crisis is already here and governments are ridiculously slow about taking action. I feel it is my responsibility to stand up and fight for the future because I am the future. 

At the moment, the whole world is trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyone is taking high protection measures to be able to keep safe. However, when it comes to the climate crisis that scientists have been loud and clear about the severity of, no governments are taking it seriously. It really is a shameful act, so we should all take it as our responsibility and act for our future— because we are the future.

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